Whiskas website 2001-2006 (Effems)

For the complete redesign of the Swiss Whiskas site in 2001, all the layout and design has been revamped in a playful, user-friendly, and modern way. Although the site did feature Flash content, alternative HTML versions were always available too.

I was mainly responsible for frontend- and backend development. Feature-wise, that means:
Flash Actionscripting for a game incl. highscore list. E-Shop, event calendar, picture galleries, "recommend" tool, e-cards, browser-based admin tool for easy and quick basic content management, various JS and browser tests (Netscape Navigator 4 was alive and well back then).

The site has been replaced with the international version in December 2006. A screenshot of the Screengang version can be seen below.

Whiskas 2001-2006
Whiskas 2001-2006