Multilingual website for Seifert Systems

Seifert Systems is a German family-owned group of companies with more than 45 years experience and expertise within the industrial thermal management field.

With this ambitious project - a teamwork with Stardesign - we've accomplished:

  • Transfer from old CMS (MODX) to ProcessWire
  • Dynamic product catalogue, with main categories, and product type groups.
  • Automated product catalogue import for all four languages (from MS Excel).
  • Compact products overview and detail product infos.
  • Fully responsive - compatible with laptop, smartphone and tablet displays.
  • Dramatical markup clean-up (HTML, CSS): resulting in much faster loading, and overall smaller filesizes (less than 50% of the old code).
  • Usability, accessibility and SEO improvements.
  • Multilingual setup (german, english, US-english, french), partially custom content per region / language (custom product availability, imperial vs. metric units etc.).
  • Newsletter 3rd-party app integration (MailChimp).
  • Faster loading and much more user-friendly for both site-visitors and site-admins.
  • Dynamic XML and HTML sitemaps.
  • Image galleries and slideshows.
  • Easy and user-friendly CMS file and image management: File-uploads via drag-and-drop, automatic .zip extraction, automatic server-side image-resizing.
  • In-built search engine with coloured keyword highlighting.
  • News section with publishing scheduling.
  • Automatic frontpage redirect for US-visitors (based on visitor's IP-address).
  • Dynamic multilingual technical product datasheets: Multi-page PDF downloads with techn. specifications, images, graphics. A huge cost- and time-saver for the client, making manually created datasheets redundant; the only single data-source being the CMS (ready for launch in early 20149.

I was mainly responsible for server-side development (PHP, mySQL) and CMS-customizations.

Frontend-development by Beat Beer, Stardesign

Seifert Systems
Seifert Systems Seifert Systems