Website for Manuela Diethelm's Paradiesli

Manuela Diethelm is what some people call a Renaissance person. She has so far completely renovated two houses (one in France and one in Switzerland), knows a whole lot about ecological architecture, sustainable renovation, gardening and many other related topics.

She wanted to document the whole process - how she slowly rebuilt an old, abandoned, dilapitated farm-house, and turned it into a modern paradise.

Using eco-friendly, sustainable materials and technologies, she has transformed a little piece of nondescript land into a place where people feel immediately enlightened and at home.

I helped her to conceptualize the website, structure and content. I designed the site, and made sure she can easily manage all content by herself. The excellent ProcessWire CMS/CMF was used, which makes both developing and editing a breeze.

Paradiesli Paradiesli