O mein Papa - documentary movie about Swiss composer Paul Burkhard

Official website for the documentary film about the most successful Swiss composer ever: Paul Burkhard.

The song "O mein Papa" suddenly made the Swiss composer Paul Burkhard world-famous in the 1950ies. This evergreen is the starting point of Felice Zenoni's documentary, who found real treasures in Burkhard's estate.

Swiss musicians Michael von der Heide, Dodo Hug, Toni Vescoli, Vera Kaa, Lys Assia, Nubya, Fabienne Hadorn, Leonard, Sandra Studer, Erich Hättenschwiler and Sergio Luvualu all revive Burkhard's melodies. Burkhard's companions such as Hugo Loetscher, Werner Düggelin, Maria Becker and Ettore Cella all share memories of their extraordinary colleague.

Another remarkable Mesch & Ugge AG production.

O mein Papa
O mein Papa