What's in a name?

fantastic (adj.)

late 14c., "existing only in imagination," from Middle French fantastique (14c.), from Medieval Latin fantasticus, from Late Latin phantasticus "imaginary," from Greek phantastikos "able to imagine," from phantazein "make visible" (middle voice phantazesthai "picture to oneself")

I bought the domain fantastique.ch years ago, and used it exclusively to showcase my generative art: Abstract imagery that is produced by programming code (mainly Processing and Flash Actionscript)*.

In spring 2013, it was time to build a completely new site for my work portfolio. Among many options I chose to keep fantastique.ch, but change its purpose.

As you see from the explanation above, the original meaning of the word fantastic is very closely related to "creative". In the so-called creative world, you have to be able to imagine something before it's materialized. You gotta have a vision. As a programmer, it's crucial to "make something visible", and imagine a whole program / script, before you even start up your code editor. Being able to imagine the final product at the early stage of conceptualization, wireframing and technical specifications is important.

* Here are three samples:

processing artworkprocessing artworkprocessing artwork

If you'd like to see more of same, head over to my "Design by Code" Flickr-Set.