About Me

I'm a full-time freelance web developer since over 12 years. Sometimes people call me webmaster, or web designer - and I don't mind. To master the web is no walk in the park, if you take the term verbatim. Tools, trends and technologies change fast. Something that worked well yesterday may or may not work so well tomorrow.

Before venturing in the internet world, I was marketing specialist (Kaufmännische Berufslehre finished 1989, Eidg. Dipl. Marketingplaner + SAWI school 1997). The last company I worked for in that capacity, asked me to build their first company website in 1999. Soon after that I started building small sites for myself and friends. These were still the days of Page Mill, Netscape Navigator 4, Internet Explorer for Mac, frames, Flash intros, dial-up modems and Geocities pages. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, cloud computing, HD video streaming, Youtube, iPhones? No sir - most of that would have sounded like Science Fiction in those days.

While some people were smiling at the web, especially after the Nasdaq bubble burst in 2001, I knew that the internet is here to stay. Not just that: I knew back then that it would quickly grow and change the life and work habit of millions all over the globe.

At the begin of the 21st century, I decided to make the hobby a full-time job. I taught myself the ropes in classic DIY fashion: Dedicated schools or courses were nowhere in sight at the time. I bought O'Reilly books, and dissected countless websites via "view source", to learn HTML and Javascript. After a while, I realized this wasn't enough, and plunged further into the realm of serverside scripting (Perl, PHP) and databases. I installed and tested the first few open-source content management systems (CMS) and blog systems. And - since it was in high demand - learned Flash Actionscript as well.

Sometime around 2001 - 2002, I teamed up with graphic designer and animation artist Didier Ludwig, with whom I worked on countless websites over a decade. The first big project we did was for Whiskas Switzerland (Effems) - an ambitious site that featured lots of content and features: a multilingual portal with an e-shop, games, sweepstakes, photo galleries, product infos, downloadable screensavers and wallpapers. After that successful milestone, we decided to establish Screengang Interactive, and worked under that umbrella for over a decade. That partnership ended in early 2013 and the ancient website was subsequently taken down. Time for a clean slate.

Besides building sites for money, I was involved in a number of personal and non-profit projects:

  • Picturestation - A photo sharing community site, long before shutterstock or Flickr (together with Ignaz Walgis from chili.ch - no longer online)
  • Personal site dnik.ch - One of the first Swiss photo blogs (no longer updated - it serves as an archive now)
  • swaplibrary.org - Book exchange site. Due to a massive server meltdown I lost so much data that the site never left beta stage.
  • isee-projects.org - I helped the foundation (institut Suisse pour l'empowerment éthique) with their website, print collateral, photographs, training and other tech-related issues.
  • tabal.org - I designed the site, which had a similar concept as kiva.org: Community-based, project-related fundraising / donations.

Over the years, I have worked for a vast number of national and international clients, ranging from one-person companies to multinational megacorps, agencies, NGOs and artists.

I offer a full service: Concept, design, frontend and backend programming, SEO, marketing, training. Sometimes though, I get hired to do just one specific task: Create a bespoke database application, extend the client's CMS functionality, or implement a 3rd-party application.